Mission Statement

To provide access to capital to low to moderate income and underserved businesses and community projects with emphasis towards innovative technology and science-based enterprises.

Vision Statement

We envision an entrepreneurial environment where low to moderate income businesses and community projects – in particular those owned/operated by minorities – will have equal access to capital funding and other resources.

3C Capital Fund Inc. provides alternative access to capital for low to moderate income communities with emphasis on populations of color.



1. To remove barriers that prevent low income and minority entrepreneurs from acquiring the capital needed for starting projects and businesses.

2. To help provide the Technical Assistance needed to successfully start and sustain business and project operations.

3. To establish industry relationships to aid clients in accessing available programs and resources.

4. Increase the percentage of successful minority owned and operated businesses and community projects, with special attention to African American owned enterprises.



Problem worth solving

Access to capital for 3CCF’s targeted population has been a major challenge for many years. Barriers around lending institutes, proper preparedness, understanding and navigating the system itself all play a part in the inequities within the industry.

Target market

  1. African American owned businesses
  2. Veteran owned business
  3. Formerly incarcerated entrepreneurs
  4. Businesses turned down by other lenders



3CCF is implementing a program to provide access to capital through a Venture Capital fund targeted at providing seed funding to start up ventures. This funding is combined with mandatory enrollment in a comprehensive technical assistance program.


Crowd Funding

Alternative Lenders

Private Investors

How our solution is better

Provides one-on-one Technical Assistance

Does not require immediate repayment

Low equity required



$200K will be used for operations and administration. $300K will be used for venture capital (equity investments) into client businesses.
0 k



Revenue streams

  1. CDFI Fund
  2. Program Income
  3. Opportunity Zone Funds
  4. New Market Tax Credit Allocations

Major costs

  1. Personnel (Payroll)
  2. Leasing (office rent)
  3. Utilities and Upkeep
  4. Program Administration Cost
  5. Travel / Meetings


Board of Directors

Ali Morris

Board Chair / President

WEM Enterprises LLC

Evelyn Young Spath


Retired University Administrator
Amor Back Yard Farms

NaTesha Johnson

Kern Community College District – LaunchPad
Upside Productions

Traco Matthews

Kern Health Systems
Chief Health Equity Officer

Danielle Patterson

SeedCore Foundation


& Collaborators